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Who we are

Cheeky Monster Ltd offers clients a complete custom merchandise solution creating original artwork, prototype & sample production utilising our specialist in-house resources.

The lead up to manufacturing a product can be a lengthy process and we are there to support you every step of the way and are the single source solution for all your merchandise needs.

Whether you are looking for an existing range, such as our very own Cheeky Monster characters, or want to create your own bespoke merchandise property, contact us today to discuss further.

  • Manufacturing process management
  • Storage & distribution
  • Point of sale techniques
  • Sales analysis


The Power of Merchandise

Many studies have shown that customised merchandise is an incredibly powerful tool to show the world what you represent and creates huge brand loyalty with your customers.

We understand that these Product lines can stay with your consumer for years so have to carry your company image and values. .


Using our in house design team, we are able to create a complete character range. This can be from page to pixel or using existing assets which require a facelift.

Character development is a very exciting and creative process. Starting points can be using market trends, established brand association or a creative idea.

We can build or develop your characters which will reflect your vision and values.

Case Study

M-Crew | Marella Cruises

As the entertainment supplier for Marella Explorer, ted had already created a compelling entertainment experience on board for Guests however we also needed to develop a specific Children’s solution and a bespoke character family, one that could be developed across entertainment live shows, character meet and greets and ultimately a compelling product range for retail on board.


From sampling to packaging and design to sale,  we are proud to only work at source with many manufacturers enabling us to obtain the best possible price and manufacturing expertise.

Our team regularly visits our manufacturers always striving to give you the best result without having to use expensive UK agents to source and support your requirements.

All of our products are tested independently to meet UK requirements and are of the highest quality and safety standards.


We’ll look after the whole import process for you. Once your products are mass produced we’ll deal with everything from start to finish. Usually this will be by sea due to price but (if urgent) this can also be by air.

Storage & Distribution

We understand that you may not be able to take full delivery once your goods arrive in the UK, so we have the facilities to store them for you. Cheeky Monster Ltd offers a number of methods from short or long-term storage to managing sales for you via our e-commerce solution.


With the ecommerce industry growing & people turning to purchase most of their retail items on the internet, we value the importance of this sector and this is why our team of website developers specialise in focusing on web sales & eye catching designs to maximise the sales of all the products produced.


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