Introducing a brand new character family...

As original creators and implementers of varied retail programmes for key clients, Cheeky Monsters Ltd identified a gap in the market. A gap which could be filled by our very own character property, unique to world of monsters. A brand new character family, owned and developed in house was created…meet the Cheeky Monsters!

New to market in 2018, Cheeky Monsters is an evergreen character property. A unique character family, appealing to children aged 3-6 years, and their families, Cheeky Monsters provides balanced gender appeal. This compelling new character property, created by Cheeky Monster Ltd, is launching initially as a merchandise retail range, with further expansion planned across publishing and digital platforms.

Cheeky Monsters live in the real world and can only be seen by children. They are friendly, accessible, highly likeable and very collectible. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles all refer to their own cheeky monkey at home…we like to call them Cheeky Monsters!

Cheeky Monsters vary in personality, hair colour, hobbies and horns. Some like football, some like ballet, some wear glasses and others have crazy spikes and glitter splotches. Some have monster hair, pointy tails and wonky teeth. Some like to wear odd socks, others tutu’s, however they all have one thing in common…they are Cheeky Monsters!